Network vulnerabilities fall into three categories: hardware-based, software-based, and human-based. Due to the decentralization of the network and work from anywhere, the end user or human has become the weakest link. Schemers have become more cunning and creative  with their spear-phishing scams, designed to induce individuals to reveal private information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. 

Over the last year, we have seen phishing schemes  that are  far more sophisticated and advanced than ever before.  These emails can seem legitimate on the surface, however there might be a slight change to a link or logo. Learning to check the authenticity of a link can help reduce entry into a system.

Techniques used in spear-phishing:

  • Incorporating legitimate linksĀ 
  • Modifying known brand logos
  • Using redirects and shortened linksĀ 
  • Faking giveaways or prizes to claim
  • Faking CDC and vaccine sign-up sites

How we can help

The engineers  at m.five Networking Services can conduct a  network vulnerability assessment and assist in the selection of the right network security solutions for your organization. Our network security team will ensure that your  business is protected, reducing the threat of third-party breaches, data loss and the high cost of recovery.

  • Identify network vulnerabilities
  • Discover if your staff can identify phishing scams and avoid malicious web content
  • Determine backup strategy  that will speed time-to- recovery and minimize downtime